Patient Advocacy Services

Everyone has a personal story of a rushed medical appointment in which they did not understand the information being provided; a hospital stay with a family member gone extremely wrong or being given a life changing diagnosis and being left feeling helpless and unsure of next steps. The gap between Providers and Patients is palpable, and the growing frustration and negative outcomes associated with it requires CAHL Registered Nurse Patient Advocates to intervene.

As Registered Nurses and Certified Case Managers we are required to be a Patient Advocate for you and your loved ones on the highest level. We will ensure that your voice is heard, your questions are answered, and your peace of mind is restored. You can rest assured that you have an additional set of eyes during your healthcare journey ensuring safety, compassion, clinical expertise and support during your most vulnerable time.

Patient Advocacy Services

  • Support of chronic condition management
  • Serving as a medical navigator at initial diagnosis, during illness process, prior to a major procedure or during a healthcare crisis. Examples of medical navigation include:
    • Strategic preparation for medical appointments
    • Collaboration with Health Insurance, Providers office and treatment team to promote a safe, client centered, optimal medical experience
    • Accompaniment to medical appointments. This service promotes the client’s agenda with the goals of: client understanding information discussed, getting questions/concerns are answered; ensuring full transparency (from the provider and for the client) surrounding diagnosis/treatment expectations and outcomes
    • In patient bedside visits (face to face or via phone conference) to discuss treatment plan (with client and treatment team), determine appropriateness of services being received, and to provide option and support that help ensure an optimal Healthcare course
    • Transition planning (also known as discharge planning) supportive of client’s desires
    • Support for 2nd opinion coordination and alternative treatment option discussions
  • Providing objective (healthcare and treatment related) guidance and facilitation of care planning for family members or loved ones serving as primary decision makers or Healthcare Power of Attorneys

*Detailed review of client (or family member) medical records to ensure comprehensive approach to all services rendered and medication reconciliation completed at no additional charge*

We are always here to care for you!