Health Insurance Navigation and Appeals Support

You made a choice during open enrollment and selected the benefits you felt best for you and your family. You pay your Premium every month. So why isn’t it as simple as obtaining services and getting them being reimbursed? Don’t we wish!

Why do you need prior authorization for your medications or an upcoming procedure? Are you even eligible for insurance coverage of a specific medication or procedure? Why are you being required to pay for out of network for services you had no clue were out of network? Why was your claim denied?

Can the denial be reconsidered and what information do you need to provide to make that happen? What steps should you take to appeal? If you are asking these or any Health Insurance related questions, CAHL is here to help you. Health Insurance benefits must be thoughtfully considered with every health decision we make. Navigating Health Insurance is time consuming and can be very difficult, especially when you are preparing for surgery or in crisis. Partner with CAHL to navigate Health Insurance issues with ease. With almost a decade of experience working in the Health Insurance Industry; our expertise guarantees you unmatched support in Health Insurance Navigation and Appeals Support.

Health Insurance Navigation and Appeals Support Services

  • Expert Health Insurance Consultation
  • Health Insurance pre-authorization and medical necessity review process explanation and facilitation
  • Insurance Pre-authorization (approval)and medical necessity review facilitation between your provider and the insurance company
  • Counsel on and facilitation of the health insurance appeals process

We are always here to care for you!