CAHL Speak

To Businesses and Community Organizations. Why?

  • Most Americans are 1 healthcare event away from depleting their life savings, losing employment or being required to file bankruptcy.
  • The average healthcare consumer feels powerless and unequipped to express their healthcare needs and lacks understanding of treatment plans prescribed when presented with new diagnosis or acute health event.
  • 9 out of 10 individuals do not receive health information in a way they can use or understand.
  • Up to 80% of what is communicated in a medical encounter is nearly immediately forgotten, and of what is remembered; 50% is wrong.

Are you looking for a unique way to educate and empower people? Partner with CAHL speaks to do just that. People should not require a degree in the healthcare industry or have to hire a professional patient advocate to do right by themselves or their loved ones in healthcare.

CAHL Speaks equips people with the tools necessary to be in control during their healthcare journey and to make informed healthcare decisions. We help ensure people thrive in healthcare.

KEYNOTESExpected Learning Outcomes for Participants
Patient Advocacy 101- You are required to advocate for yourself in healthcare. Let us show you how!

  • Understanding your role as patient advocate

  • How to be the best advocate for yourself or your loved ones

  • Why being a patient advocate is key in having better healthcare results for yourself or your loved ones

  • When to involve a professional patient advocate

Finding Your Voice- How to communicate confidently and competently healthcare providers

  • How to be prepared for any encounter with your healthcare provider

  • How to tell your healthcare story

  • What happens when you don’t use your voice in healthcare encounters

  • How to be confident during healthcare encounters

I have a diagnosis; but my diagnosis doesn’t have me- Practical steps to take control of your new diagnosis or chronic disease.

  • Acknowledge your feelings and feel them

  • Get organized and informed about the illness or disease

  • Identify your partner in illness and make sure they are agreeable to support you

  • Assert yourself a part of the treatment team

HISL (Health Insurance as a Second Language)- Strategy to prepare for benefit enrollment, knowing your options, and what to do once you are enrolled.

  • Know what health insurance benefits are and what they are not

  • How to prepare so that you can elect the appropriate benefits for you and your family

  • Understand your options in health insurance and how to determine what benefits are best for you

  • Know what to do once you have health insurance benefits to get the most out of your benefits

Other Keynotes; Metabolic Syndrome and Role Reversal: the care we are not prepared to give (for children of aging adults)

We are always here to care for you!