CAHL for Small Business

When people have been given devastating news about a personal health diagnosis or a new diagnosis for a loved one, they concerned about their prognosis and how their life will be impacted. They will have to find doctors; seek out second opinions; research diagnosis, treatments, therapies; begin new medications and coordinate services with the insurance company; all while maintaining work responsibilities.

What if you (The Employer) were able to extend a service that would allow an Expert Patient Advocate to shoulder that responsibility and allow your employees the ability to breathe easier knowing they have a partnership with an expert that can support them and help them navigate their new normal? You absolutely can provide them with this unique benefit and I promise they will be a better employee to you for it.

Consulting with CAHL for your employees means giving them personal access to the services offered for Health Insurance Benefit Consultation/ Navigation Support and Patient Advocate Services sections.

We are always here to care for you!