About CAHL

About Courage to Awaken Healthcare Love

We are infiltrating the Healthcare Industry in an innovative and unique way. CAHL is offering a partnership that affords you the opportunity to directly connect to Clinicians. We provide Healthcare Advocacy, Utilization, Navigation and Education Services; usually only available through Physicians’ offices, Hospital Systems, and Health Insurance Companies.

Our Nurses are experts in Inpatient Care, Managed Care, Case Management, Health Insurance Utilization and Healthcare Navigation. The unique skillset of the Registered Nurses at CAHL will take fear and uncertainty out of your Healthcare experience and turn it into clarity and peace of mind.

We have your back and will walk beside during your Healthcare Journey. Let’s do this together.

About the Founder

After almost two decades working in the Healthcare Industry (16 years as a Registered Nurse), I was frustrated and ready to walk away from it all. People entrust their care to us. They count on the Healthcare System and Healthcare Providers to help them get well, advocate for them, and to keep them safe. Yet, the Healthcare system is failing them.
The Healthcare System of today (better known as the Healthcare Industrial Complex) has become foreign to the very people it was born to serve and support.

Working in the Health Insurance Industry, in the Hospital setting as a bedside Nurse, in Clinical Management, Case Management and Utilization Review taught me that the People need a translator and an additional layer of support when navigating Healthcare.

They need someone who puts their interest first and who is poised to ensure their health and safety are protected. They need someone that provides options to ensure they access cost effective care that is appropriate to their specific needs. They need support that functions independent of Healthcare Organizations, so that their specific needs are priority and they can have transparency and clarity during their Healthcare Journey.

So, I walked away from traditional Healthcare settings to become that someone and support. I am fired up about my unique contribution to the People we serve at Courage to Awaken Healthcare Love (CAHL) PLLC and within the Healthcare Industry. My hope is to empower people to be in control of their healthcare experience; ultimately Influence Healthcare Practices and be a change agent in the Industry! Thank you for partnering with us to Courageously brave the Healthcare Industry.

We are always here to care for you!